Out and almost about

17th July 2020

Out and Almost about

A live out commis chef job in the Scottish Borders is getting no applicants. Wow!

What does that indicate?

As we come out of lockdown and some, very much some, hotels and restaurants open up; the industry problems of an aging demographic of chefs quite possibly remains the same as it was pre lockdown.

Lockdown: have a job in the public sector and get furloughed and get your job back, for now as lockdown eases.

Lockdown: have a job in Scottish Hospitality and maybe get furloughed, but just as maybe get no furlough and made redundant. Not a criticism of private industry which has to play with the cards dealt.

The demographics may be worse as many may have managed to find work in other industries such as care or online retail.

Jobs, there are some and after 12 weeks of inactivity CIS made our first relief placement since lockdown on Thursday the 9th of July.

There were two more relief placements made yesterday.

There are permanent jobs out there as well to apply for and I expect that there will be some more in the

next few weeks .

I took my car over to the garage in Beattock this morning after posting an early morning song and walking back there was a steady flow of campervans leaving Moffat. When popping out for a couple of pints on Wednesday night there were quite a few tourists about, mainly middle aged and early retirement ages and possibly with quite a bit of disposable income.

One of the phone calls yesterday came from down in Tigh Na Bruich and the report was busy in rural Scotland as the tourist season started up again.

Not a big fan of the sound of the word staycation, but what I am seeing and hearing is that many people from England are holidaying in Scotland.

How long will the season last and how much demand will there be for chefs?

Not sure, but there are chef jobs out there for now and why not apply for the job on north Skye for 3 months at 13 pounds an hour live in

Next week we will be open longer hours, not quite back to 9 to 5pm and will see how work pans out up until the end of July.

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