Placing chefs

During my time at Chefs In Scotland which is now entering into its fifth year I have been placing chefs all over the world. It is extremely rewarding placing chefs although it can be quite hard when things go wrong. A couple of weeks ago I came in on a Monday morning to 3 fall-downs (this is what we call it when a placement doesn’t work out). When I had initially started this would have taken me out of the game! I would blame myself and although we certainly don’t take no part in this it is usually a dispute between the chef and the establishment and always hard to see what has gone wrong when primarily we are not in the kitchen.

Although we predominately specialise in recruitment in rural areas of Scotland we have been getting increasingly more work in Glasgow and Edinburgh and placed 3 chefs in Glasgow and 1 in Edinburgh in the last month. Most excitingly in the last few weeks was placing a head chef in a 5* hotel owned by well-known brothers in the industry and we aim to continue placing chefs at this high standard.

This year I plan to go up to the west coast to visit more of the areas that we place chefs including Oban, Fort William, Glencoe and perhaps as far as Skye, weather depending! Hopefully we will get some nice sunny days like we experienced last year.

Scotland is a fantastic place to live and work and certainly is a lovely place to spend the summer season to use some of the excellent produce Scotland has to offer.

Relief work is quite steady now and will be very busy from the end of the month through until the end of October.

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