Recruitment trends 2020

I read an article last week in the Dumfries Courier about changing trends in the job market.

It found that in Scotland, 64% of people agreed that they no longer expected a job for life and only 15% had stayed in a job for 10 years or more. It seems it’s no longer what people strive for.

It also said that 47% of the surveyed group of people had changed careers at some point in their working life with the main reasons for this being to achieve a better work/life balance, to find a more challenging role or for a better salary. The article said there seemed to be a difference between younger and older workers with the average millennial having had as many jobs as someone in their fifties has had their entire life.

The survey found that those working in retail had changed jobs the most followed closely by hospitality. The main reasons for wanting to change jobs was found to be, more money, career progression or to work in another location.

How long have you been in your current job and if you were to change what would be the main reason?

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philippe alamichel on January 31 2020 at 09:59

yes that s true,i work as a chef but sometime as electrician as well,
electrician is better work balance and better income plus most of the time week ends off and over 40 hours paid over a standard hourly rate.
if the catering industry do about the same practice like pay over time,more people would stay and work in catering industry.