Self-employed chefs

Self-employment accounts for 45 percent of the growth in employment since 2008 and now stands at over five million people.

We were advised by the Inland Revenue back in 2010 that there is no such thing as a self-employed chef. The reason they gave was because unless you own your own hotel or restaurant you are always working for someone else due to the inability to move a kitchen from establishment to establishment. We are aware that there are lots of chefs out there who are self-employed but obviously we must go by what The Inland Revenue say.

Obviously, there are favourable Tax and National Insurance rates for self-employed workers but there are lots of benefits to going through the books through PAYE including pension scheme and holiday pay which self-employed workers wouldn’t be entitled to.

We have found that some establishments can’t provide accommodation to self-employed workers which in my understanding is something to do with the public liability insurance for the staff accommodation. How do self-employed workers go about getting around this?

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