Thursday 17th October

Thursday 17th October

As we approach the end of our third week in October and with Halloween and Christmas in sight, the work in the CIS office continues to come in. This week I have been starting to learn more about property within the CIS company. We have many properties throughout Dumfries and Galloway as well as the apartment in Spain. It is sometimes nice to take a break from Chef recruitment and focus myself on something else for a change.

Permanent jobs are still being registered and the CV’s are still coming in. There appears to be more chefs looking again as a lot of the seasonal jobs have now finished for the winter. However, with the Brexit deal hanging in the balance, many chefs who have come from abroad are now unsure of where their future stands here in the UK. We will soon see come the 31stof this month…

I will be on holiday for a week as of the end of today and will be back in the office on Monday the 28th. Jessica and Johanna will be picking up my emails and Facebook messages and will continue with the junior chef recruitment on my behalf.

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