Thursday 1st February 2018

1st February 2018 Newspage

The first month has passed by and it still is cold but with a little more sun staying later into the day and it is almost light at leaving office time.

Tom is brewing a test beer for our tasting evening in Lockerbie on the 23rd of March. It will be a further exploration of the “twa dugs” theme; although Poco, the little Spanish Bodeguero has taken to trying to nip the back of Tom’s heels. Poco is currently in the back of the van with Bentley the Basset.

I am waiting for a meeting at four pm and have made a start on cleaning the fish tank in my attic office which has given us an idea for a new name for the beer.


We are hoping to get building works started shortly in Lockerbie and wait patiently for the drawings to come back and can then meet the builders.

Pricing is being done on all the equipment needed also and it will be an exciting few months as we push on towards actuality.

The Shares in Lowland Brewing are selling and if anyone wants to see the prospectus or indeed buy a share or to team up with a friend and buy a half share, or five pals chip in for one share, we would be delighted to hear from you.

The Chef recruitment office is a little quieter this week, before the take off. Johanna Watson is moving house and has purchased a house in Moffat and will be off from tomorrow afternoon. Jessica is working through permanent head and sous chef recruitment and got an excellent amount of permanent placements last week, six in total which is a great figure.

I will go back into the main CIS office for some time from Monday and will pick up relief work to allow some continuity with the permanent work.

I will do my best not to upset anyone.

Many thanks for your continued support and patience.


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