Out and About 13th October


Out and About 18th August


Permanent Chef recruitment

As we move through August, with early Autumn September in Scotland a little over three weeks away, there are still lots of ASAP relief jobs on our books.

Out and About 7th July

we currently have 94 relief chefs out working over Scotland and England


16th April 2023

Out and About Friday 10th December

We have 53 relief currently out working in Scotland and North England.

Out and about Friday 6th August

We currently have 47 relief chefs out working in Scotland and North England, this is the most we have had out this year 😊

Out and About Friday 23rd April.

It is such a nice feeling to be doing this again!!!

Spouse Visa in the UK 9th April 2021

Spouse Visa in the UK

non UK workers post Brexit

Working in Scottish hospitality industry post Brexit and coming from outwith the UK

Out and About 11th December 2020

We still have 5 chefs out working on relief.

Out and About Friday 20th November

There are currently 6 relief chefs out working.

Out and About 13th November

We have got 5 chefs still out working. We had 1 relief job confirmed for the week.

Out and About Friday 18th September

We currently have 56 chefs out working in Scotland and Northumberland

Out and almost about

17th July 2020

26th may 2020 newspage

26th May 2020 Newspage