Out and About 11th December 2020

We still have 5 chefs out working on relief.

Out and About Friday 20th November

There are currently 6 relief chefs out working.

Out and About 13th November

We have got 5 chefs still out working. We had 1 relief job confirmed for the week.

Out and About Friday 18th September

We currently have 56 chefs out working in Scotland and Northumberland

Out and almost about

17th July 2020

26th may 2020 newspage

26th May 2020 Newspage

New York New York

On Monday I returned to the office after 2 full weeks off. It was the most time off I have had off in a while and it was nice to come back to work with a fresh pair of eyes feeling very refreshed. I was visiting family in New Jersey. While I was there, I was keen to see some of the sights in Manhattan. For a foodie like me a trip to New York wouldn’t be anything without visiting Carlos’ Bakery in New York and the original one in Hobboken also. The cabinets are full of cannoli’s, cookies, biscuits, huge cakes of all colours and flavours and the staff were very friendly. It was quite an experience.

The history of Moffat

Fancy learning some interesting facts on Moffat?

1 year at Chefs In Scotland

It’s hard to believe that I have been with Chefs In Scotland for a year now. It has gone by like a flash. Looking back on my first day in the office I often laugh at how nervous I was because it feels now as if I have always been here. From starting off with doing general references and calling chefs to where I am now is crazy. I found it easy to settle into the office as Johanna and Jessica made me feel very welcome and have supported me daily since then. I continue to have meetings with Michael every so often and it’s good to catch up and talk about how I am doing in the office and to talk of ways in which I can better myself and thrive.

Out and about Friday 12th July

Relief remains tight as expected for the time of year, we have 82 relief chefs out working, we are still managing to get relief chefs booked with 24 so for this week.

Out and About Friday 24th May

We have 25 relief job booked out so far for this week, 78 relief chefs out in total.

Goals for May 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the start of May. It feels as if January was only yesterday. As we get further into the season, we are being kept on our toes with both permanent and relief jobs being registered daily. We are securing chefs with new jobs for the season every week and we are getting new chefs being registered with us too for both permanent, seasonal and relief work.

Out and About Friday 19th April

We have 74 relief chefs out working this is up by 11 from last year. We have 23 confirmed so far this week with a few more in the pipeline.

Out and about Friday 5th April 2019

We have 57 relief chefs currently out working, 28 confirmed this week so far.

Meatless Monday's - The latest social media trend

The latest trend on my social media at the moment is the ‘Meatless Monday’s’ trend. Beyoncé and Jay – Z have promised free tickets to fans that are willing to go Vegan for at least one day of the week. The response has been crazy and social media has blown up over it. Being a big meat eater myself I wonder if I could really stick to a Vegan diet for the sake of Beyoncé tickets but I would certainly give it a go!

Festive Opening Hours

Monday 17th December – Friday 21st December

Out and About Friday 19th October

We have 71 chefs out working on relief all over Scotland, 19 chefs confirmed for this week so far.

Out and About Friday 31st August

We have over 70 chefs still out working on relief, this number has kept steady over the last few weeks.

Out and About 24th August

Over 70 chefs out working, the availability of chefs is still very tight in August and the availability in September is looking slightly better.

Out and about 3rd August

We are still over 70 chefs out working all over Scotland.