Policy for relief chefs coming in over the winter

Relief has remained steady, but we are expecting the work to slow down in November as expected for the time of year before picking up again in December.

Out and About Friday 12th October

We have 74 relief chefs currently out work this is up by 8 from last year.

Out and About Friday 5th October

There are still 75 chefs out working for Chefs In Scotland this is 2 up on last year.

Out and about Friday 28th September

We have 75 chefs out working, this is up on last year by 7 chefs, 27 jobs confirmed this week and for the month we have 105 chefs confirmed. These are brilliant statistics!!!

Out and about Friday 21st September

We still have 80 chefs out working all over Scotland, with 19 confirmed so far this week with lots more in the pipeline.

Out and About 14th September

There are 80 relief chefs out working all over Scotland.

Out and about Friday 7th September

First week of September and it has been a great week for relief chefs being confirmed for jobs, we have 26 jobs confirmed so far this week.

Out and About Friday 17th August

Counting the relief chefs, we still have 80 chefs out that we are billing for.

Newest team member to Chefs In Scotland

Hello im Jade, im just new to Chefs In Scotland.

Out and about Friday 10th August

We have over 70 chefs out working as at today.

Meeting Relief Chefs

I am looking to meet more of our relief chefs or new chefs looking to get registered.

Out and about Friday 27th July

We have over 70 chefs out working, 20 chefs booked out this week so far.

Last week in the CIS office.

Now that the brewery is close to completion I will be moving out of the Chefs In Scotland office and into the Brewery in Lockerbie full time. From the 1st of August my desk will be occupied by Jade who the girls in the office will train up to take over junior chef recruitment.

Out and about 15th June 2018

With over 80 chefs out working I am getting closer to my 100 chefs out working at once 😊

Back at it after two weeks of Scottish sun.

It has been a busy couple of days back at the office this week after my two week holiday.

Out and About Friday 1st June

We have over 70 relief chefs out working just now with 30 being booked this week so far.

Out and about Friday 25th May

With over 70 relief chefs out working all over Scotland and 17 booked out so far this week, the availability of chefs is getting tighter as you would expect for this time of year. If you are a chef who is known to us and would like to do relief work please email your updated CV to or you can call 01683 222830.

Out and about 17th May

We have 67 relief chefs out we are 17 out for the week so far with lots more to be confirmed

Out and About Friday 20th April

We have 63 relief chefs out working with 15 booked so far this week.

Out and About Friday 6th April

Although relief seems a little quieter we have 55 chefs out working, this is 18 up on last year.