What makes a job attractive?

What makes a job attractive?

Here are some things that might help to attract applicants:

  • Can you pay an hourly rate of pay?
  • Can you pay weekly even if the payslip is monthly?
  • What is the accommodation and is there any charge? Is there tv and wi-fi available?
  • What makes the job attractive/what is there to do during time off?
  • What are the shifts and how many hours are they expected to work per week, any evenings off?
  • Are there tips given to the chef?
  • Are meals provided on duty?
  • is there a staff uniform provided or is the chef expected to provide their own?
  • Is there a bonus scheme in place?
  • Discounts at other hotels?
  • Is any time off allowed during busy periods like festive period and summer season?
  • Can you pay overtime?

Bonus suggestions for head chefs

  • wages ratio
  • compliancy on health and safety
  • gross profit margin

Opening Stock plus purchases - closing stock = cost of goods sold

to work out Gross Profit %

(Sales - Cost of goods Sold) divided by Sales = then multiply by 100 to get the Gross Profit %


(100 - 30) = 70 divided by 100 = .7 x 100 = 70%

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