Working at Chefs In Scotland

As the newbie on the CIS team I have settled in very quickly to the recruitment side of things. Although my main task here at CIS is to get Galldachd na h-Alba Brewery up and running I come to the upstairs office and do some chef recruitment when one of the girls are on holiday.

I had never done any recruitment before and it was all totally new to me. The girls couldn’t have been more helpful introducing me to all the systems, the database and how to deal with all the enquiries we get. There is constantly more to learn but it makes the job very interesting as no two days are the same. Within a couple weeks in the upstairs office, I managed to get my first permanent chef placement; it was a good feeling! Chef In Scotland offers everyone a very generous bonus scheme which makes every placement that bit sweeter. But the main satisfaction comes from knowing that you have found someone a job that is suitable for them and helped them with their career.

I came back to Moffat after university and college with the thought that I would move away again to find the right career path for me. Little did I know that the best opportunity for me was right on my doorstep, a 5 minute walk from my house! It is funny how things work out.

With the brewery set to open early 2018 I will not be spending as much time in the recruitment office. This has also given the opportunity for someone else to join the team and to find the enjoyment out of the job that I have so far.

If you are interested in being part of the close knit team we have here in Moffat send your CV with cover letter to


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