Working with your partner

Is working with your partner a good idea?

Working with your partner in the kitchen can sometimes cause problems in your relationship. I used to work with my partner at his parents hotel and it was not the easiest thing I have to admit. It’s not easy waking up with your partner every morning, and then heading to the same place of work and then going back home together. You don’t really get a moment to yourself. We get quite a lot of couples who enjoy working together and you often find that you will find your partner in the same industry as you.

I personally found it hard as we had nothing to talk about come the end of the day as we both worked in the same hotel and knew how each other’s day went. It can often get heated when the front of house and kitchen dispute. This happened with us quite often. It can often be hard to relay complaints from customers when your partner is the chef. We would often go home after a shift and laugh about some of the arguments we had on that shift.

Working with chefs can be tough sometimes and even more so when they are your partner. It’s hard to leave work at work and not take the problem home with you. From my own personal experience I wouldn’t work with my partner again, hats off to all of you that do! Many couples enjoy working alongside their partners and enjoy being able to share their passion with each other and it can often be a good thing. It can also be difficult when either of the partner shares different views on a subject and it can cause conflict a lot of the time.

What is your view on the subject? Is it something you have ever done or would consider?

Jade Porteous

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