Should recycling be compulsory?

Should recycling be compulsory?

Seeing recent photos and news articles in the media recently it really does make you worry about the level of waste we have on a daily basis. We have been discussing in the Chefs In Scotland office the last week on whether we should be using a recycling bin or not. It makes you wonder how much of the waste we have ends up in our oceans. You think to yourself that its only 1 plastic bottle or 1 crisp packet but if you multiply that by the rest of the world’s population it is a devastating amount.

Recent research shows that around 14 billion pounds worth of rubbish is swimming around in the ocean. Majority of the marine life starve due to this as they mistake the plastic waste for real food resulting in them not being able to digest the waste. It is said that a truck dumps waste into our oceans every 2 minutes.

Recycling is becoming more and more popular with many establishments having different coloured bins for plastics, food waste, cardboard etc and the odd compost bin. Compost bins are great for scraping left overs into, fruit peel s, coffee grounds etc. It is a great way to use left overs which means the soil inside can be re used to plant flowers and crops.

I have to admit, recycling has never been something I’ve ever thought about at home but seeing the drastic effects waste has on our environment it makes you want to do your bit to help. I want to try and recycle at least 1 bag full every week. It may not seem much but if we all did our own bit then the outcome would be worth it.

Do you have recycling bins and compost bins in your establishment you work in and what are your thoughts on it? Should we make recycling compulsory?

Jade Porteous

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